BlueCell Optimization

Optimization for Cutting Boards and Running Production

Optimizer is designed to carry out tasks starting from maximal use of materials to managing cutting order so that the entire process is carried out efficiently.

Every production process starts after listing part to cut, arranging them on the offered material and finally, cutting.

With an optimizer you can:

1. Save Materials by optimization: arranging the parts on the offered material for optimal use.

2. Order During Production: Exporting production reports to parts, boards and creating stickers.

3. Save Time: automatic production of sawing instructions to the bridge saw.

4. Save Money by efficient managing of stored materials.

5. Efficient Use of saws by managing standard parts cut to the stock, both independently and by using leftovers.

6. Save Money by managing leftovers

7. Save in Repeatedly Purchasing Software: one software suitable for many machines (post-processors).

8. Preserving Old Machines: operating old non-upgradeable machines.

9. Tracking: linking out to external managing systems to get parts lists and informing them of inventory and production reports in real time.

And more…

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