About Us

The software house, Design Dialogue was founded in 1988 and since then has been working on the development, marketing, selling and supporting of CAD (Computer-Aided Design) softwares specifically designed for interior design, furniture, kitchens, tiles, etc.

The software house has developed special modules for bills of materials in the kitchen and furniture carpentry, together with designated programs for wall cladding and carpentry management.

Design Dialogue is the leading software house for…

  • Selling furniture and ceramics using 3D software, i.e. Raumplan and Domus
  • Direct and exact pricing from a computerized sketch
  • Softwares for carpentry and carpentry machines, optimization softwares (imos. NcStudio)
  • Sketching and visualization software; interior design, home design, kitchens and ceramics
  • Full solutions for manufacturers from planning to machines
  • Everything with simple computer programs that will suit any user without the need for an expert!

Our softwares:

Raumplan        imos         Domus             Optimization

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