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Video 1 – Opening a new sketch, Views

A new sketch

Building walls

Opening front views

Opening perspective views

Showing two windows side-by-side

Video 2 – Adding units to the sketch, Part A

Adding units from library

Moving by dragging to sticky point

Opening windows side-by-side

Additional explanations

Video 3 – Adding units to sketch, part B

Adding units from library

Moving by dragging to sticky points

Moving by free step

Pinning with arrows

Duplicating a unit

Additional explanations

Video 4 – Adding tiles and wall cladding

Tiling according to wall measurements

Ruler, auxiliary line

Wall cladding

Additional explanations

Video 5 – Glass wall cladding

Adding a glass/marble wall cladding

Additional explanations

Video 6 – Changing design and color

Opening a perspective

Changing design and color

Changing colors by choice

Video 7 – Unit animation

Choosing a unit and animating it

Additional explanations

Video 8 – Printing

Producing a sketch in print page

Producing several sketches in print page

Showing measurements in sketch

Changing scale

Additional explanations (Hebrew)

Printing a sketch

Video 9 – Saving an image

Saving a file as a color image

Additional explanations (Hebrew)

Saving a file as image and sending it by email

Video 10 – Auxiliary wall, front for building an island

Adding a wall

Hide tiles (F9)

Edit wall menu - virtual wall

Additional explanations (Hebrew)

Virtual wall front

Video 11 – Changing unit width

Changing width in "Unit width" field

Changing width in a set size according to step

Changing width for several units

Additional explanations (Hebrew)

Changing width

Video 12 – Changing units using stretching

Changing height in front view

Changing width in bird's eye view

Additional explanations (Hebrew)

Changing height/depth - stretching tools

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