Different Screenshots

Front View: When you sketch in front view and insert units, there are two measurements guiding lines for width and height. That way, you can see how much space is left in order to continue planning. It is even possible to drag the guiding lines as necessary.

Front View – Transparent front: You can view a front line when it is completely transparent and by that see and show the insides of the units and their affixing (drawers, baskets, carousel, etc.)

Bird-view – Processing work surface: You can process work surfaces and edit them. In this example, the counter was created using the existing module for work surfaces. Working with work surfaces is fast and easy.


Marble plans – When working with the work surface module you can immediately produce detailed plans with the desired measurements.


Editing a page for printing: You can edit the print page and combine several views, as well as determine the scale for every view, measurements, text, illustrations, tiles, etc.

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