Screenshots – Kitchens

Bird's eye view

You can decide to view information about all measurements; walls, openings, units, etc.



Looking at the above sketch and viewing Front 2: You can also present measurements of bottom and top cabinets, and decide on the sizes you want: plinth, marble worktop, etc. This updates after choosing a design for the doors and handles.







Supply points in front view: supply plans can be produced in both front and bird's eye view. The measurement lines of supply points are created automatically during the stationing in the sketch. You can decide whether you want a measurement line from the right, left, or from an adjacent wall. There is also the possibility of showing the supply points without the cabinets.




Supply points in bird's eye view: You can create a power and plumbing plan in bird's eye view and even add a key from the unit list. Here too, there is a difference between a supply point with a measurement line from the right or left, and you can determine its location relatively to the back wall. The signs are the universal signs used by architects and designers.














Transparent black-and-white perspective: You can create immediate perspective while sketching. You can present the perspectives in several ways as you can see in the pictures below. A transparent black-and-white perspective shows us all the line that comprise the unit, something we wouldn't normally see in other views.








Black-and-white perspective: Without hidden lines. This way you can see only the visible lines.







Color perspective: The best way to visualizes reality. After choosing the design, color and shape of the items in the sketch, you will get a clear, high-quality image. You can control the brightness of the different lights and the desired illumination in order to produce the best image with the correct shading as well as creating transparency or reflections of item. For example, the reflection of the glass in this image. You can "walk" around the perspective and change the viewer's point of view.






Water color perspective: a different way to color the image. It is more graphic and emphasizes the lines and color spread like Wash coloring.

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